I have been published in many online blogs and still trying to get a cake in a magazine! However how many people actually look at magazines now a days? Never the less it is still a goal. I was a winner of The best of 40 under 40 in Santa Clarita in 2016. I was very honored to be selected. I also have provided cakes to the foster children at  Five Acres in Altadena, Ca.

I have also worked with the wonderful non profit Ronald McDonald house and Icing Smiles. 

Why YES my name is Baker! HAHA I know I get it all the time. People think it's a joke but it's not :) I married into the right family. I am not only a BAKER but a dental hygienist. Say hello to a type A personality and a perfectionist. Every cake is a struggle to achieve perfection and beauty.

I also make all the goodies for HandStand Kitchen. Be sure to check them out here